TacticalSHIFT® Safe Investment Technologies

Our TacticalSHIFT® strategy is designed to move more assets away from stocks and become more conservative when the iInvest® models determine high stock market risk. If too large of a percentage of your assets are stocks, a swift fall in the market can be detrimental to your asset portfolio. TacticalSHIFT® is essentially a safety net to ensure mass asset loss does not occur.

TacticalSHIFT® is an optional strategy for clients, based on iInvest’s quantitative and technical stock market analysis models. It’s designed to move more assets away from stocks and into bonds when the iInvest® models determine high stock market risk.

These shifts are recommended up to 2 risk levels:

Level 1
 (Moderate risk)

Level 2
(Extreme risk)

Example Scenario

After opening your investment account at iInvest®, you may have a recommended portfolio allocation of:

70% Stocks/ 30% Bonds

If the iInvest® models trigger a TacticalSHIFT®, whether it be Level 1 or as severe as Level 2 (depending on stock market conditions), your portfolio would adjust as follows:

Level 1
50% Stocks/ 50% Bonds

Level 2
30% Stocks/ 70% Bonds

Ultimately, iInvest® will shift portfolio’s back up to the original portfolio allocation recommended for each individual, after our TacticalSHIFT® models determine risk has reduced.

These shifts are different depending on each client’s unique portfolio, but our models are designed to reallocate your portfolio automatically, with no transaction costs, no trade fees, and no hidden fees, no matter what!

The TacticalSHIFT® strategy is especially helpful for those investors who have saved up significant savings, and don’t want to participate during the bulk of major downturns, especially seen in Secular Bear Markets such as 1904-1921, 1929-1954, 1968-1982 and 2000-2013.

S&P 500 Secular Bear Markets over the last 100 years

S&P 500 during the Secular Bear Market of 2000-2013

This strategy is also designed to avoid some of the damage done in significant downturns often seen during Secular Bull Markets, such as the 1987, 1990, 1998, 2011 and 2015 declines.

Live 10 Year Chart
Updated Weekly

Cycle of Market Emotions

When things are great, we feel that nothing can stop us. When things go bad, we often look to take drastic action-usually at the wrong time. TacticalSHIFT® is recommended for each client by our investment advisors because it takes the factor of human emotion out of the equation.

Human emotions can be such a threat to an investor’s financial health, and it’s important to be aware of this. We at iInvest® have seen this happen time and time again to investors over the years.

This knowledge and awareness can then help protect the investor from the negative consequences of impulsive and irrational reactions to those emotions.

With the TacticalSHIFT® strategy, your bear market safety net, we make the portfolio shifts for you, therefore helping to remove the negative effects of human emotion from the investment equation.

*The TacticalSHIFT® strategy may generate a taxable event in non-qualified (taxable) investment accounts. Please consult your tax advisor. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Performance Disclosure Statement.Learn More About TacticalSHIFT®

If you are interested in learning more about TacticalSHIFT® technologies we urge you to contact us today. One of our investment advisors can walk you through why the TacticalSHIFT® is a valuable tool, and more specifically how it can help to benefit your financial future.