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Proud fiduciaries to you and your employees.

iInvest™/Betterment serves as a 3(38) fiduciary under ERISA for all of our clients, which means we do what we believe is right for your plan and employees. This high standard of professional care is the foundation of our approach to investment selection and monitoring, so you can focus on what really matters while limiting your liability.

Your partner in plan administration.

Our team of experienced retirement planning professionals is your partner for a better 401(k). We’re here to guide you and offer expertise and support every step of the way, from plan design review and recommendations to support during the conversion process all the way through end-of-year compliance testing.

White-glove conversion process.

A 401(k) conversion should not distract you from running your company. We will work with your provider to keep the conversion process on track and minimize your workload.

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