Personalized Advice

We advise employees on how much money they should save—a key component of retirement readiness. Each person has a different financial situation, and at  iInvest® Solutions we are here to help each employed find theirs.

Low, Transparent Costs

Lower fees allow employees to make the most of each paycheck contribution — and feel good doing it. At iInvest® Solutions we make all transactions transparent — because people deserve to know where their money is going.

On Your Side

From financial plan and retirement plan design consulting to independent fund selections, we help you do what is best for your employees.

Beautiful Design

Our award-winning solution* might be the first 401(k) your employees actually enjoy using. So work with a 401(k) partner worth working with.

Built to deliver better retirement outcomes

We’re here to serve one purpose: to help your employees make the most of their money. We’re taking time-tested techniques and using technology to make it more efficient to help your employees increase their income in retirement.

Optimal portfolio construction.

We build each employee a globally diversified portfolio of 12 asset classes using low-cost index funds. Our portfolios are built to help earn better returns at each level of risk, and can give your employees exposure to over 36,000 stocks and bonds from companies and governments in over 100 countries.

Fund selection that drives performance.

On a quarterly basis, Betterment’s Investment Committee conducts a data-driven selection process to find what we believe are the best funds available for the desired exposure at a low cost. Given we act as a Fiduciary, you’re able to free up time previously spent on Investment Committee Meetings reviewing fund selection and instead focus on other things that really matter.

Invest in thousands of companies.

See a complete list of our stock ETFs and bond ETFs.


U.S. Total Stock Market

U.S. Total Stock Market contains broad exposure to the historically strong long-term growth of the U.S. economy.

U.S. Large-Cap Value Stocks

U.S. Large-Cap Value stocks overlap with the U.S. Total Stock Market, but are included to tilt the portfolio toward large size companies with low price-to-earnings ratios.

U.S. Mid-Cap Value Stocks

U.S. Mid-Cap Value stocks overlap with the U.S. Total Stock Market, but are included to tilt the portfolio toward medium size companies with low price-to-earnings ratios.

U.S. Small-Cap Value Stocks

U.S. Small-Cap Value stocks overlap with the U.S. Total Stock Market, but are included to tilt the portfolio toward small size companies with low price-to-earnings ratios.

International Developed Stocks

Developed Markets stocks provide exposure to a diverse set of companies from international developed economies including the UK, Europe, Japan, and others.

Emerging Market Stocks

Emerging Markets provide higher return potential and diversification, but they come with higher risk compared to U.S. or International Developed stocks.


Short-Term Treasuries

This extremely low-risk asset class is a cash alternative that generates nominal benefit through interest payments, and de-risks the portfolio at safer allocations.

Inflation Protected Bonds

This allocation serves to insulate a part of the portfolio from the depreciating effects of inflation while also having historically low correlation with other asset classes.

U.S. High Quality or Municipal Bonds

For fixed income with slightly higher risk and returns than U.S. Treasuries, taxable accounts use Municipals and IRA and 401(k) accounts use U.S. High Quality bonds.

U.S. Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds generally offer attractive yields and opportunity for capital appreciation to compensate investors for default risk.

International Bonds

International Bonds have high credit quality and provide interest rate diversification for a bond portfolio, resulting in higher risk-adjusted returns.

Emerging Markets Bonds

Emerging Markets Bonds are dollar-denominated bonds issued by governments with economies that are rapidly growing and industrializing.

Historically better results.

Betterment would have outperformed the average private client investor in almost all periods over the last decade. Learn more about how we determined this.

Sophisticated portfolio strategies, available to every employee.

Reducing taxes is one of the sure ways employees have to build wealth. Tax strategies should consider not only personal accounts but also retirement accounts.

Because your Betterment 401(k) can be managed holistically with other Betterment accounts, our round-the-clock technology can automate asset location, a strategy that could increase after-tax portfolio value by an estimated 0.48% each year, or 15% over 30 years.

Smarter technology. Dedicated support.

A better 401(k).

We see our job as simplifying yours

As an end-to-end solution, we take care of recordkeeping, compliance, and advisory and fiduciary services on behalf of your plan. From plan design recommendations to end-of-year compliance testing, we are always working on your company’s behalf to make your job easier.

Providing high-quality financial planning and retirement planning opportunities to your client does not have to be difficult — not when you work with our team at iInvest® Solutions, that is. Contact us today for more information on our financial planning services.

See How We Do It

Smarter technology. Dedicated support.
A better 401(k).

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