1. iInvest® Educational: Cycle of Market Emotions

    Based in Kingsport, TN  -  Written by the iInvest® Team iInvest® Educational: Cycle of Market Emotions  When things are great, we feel that nothing can stop us. When things go bad, we often look to take drastic action-usually at the wrong time. Human emotions can be such a threat to an inves…Read More

  2. iInvest® Educational: Millennials Are Making A Big Mistake

    As registered investment advisors, we have to admit that millennials are making a big mistake. Recent studies reveal that many millennials, although very good savers, are generally investing as conservatively as retirees.  In one study of investment preferences, those age 22 to 32 said that they ch…Read More

  3. iInvest® Educational: Goal-Based Investing

    Goal-Based Investing Before you start investing money into the market, ask yourself one question: What exactly are you saving and investing for? Don't invest in a portfolio, invest in reaching each individual financial goal that you have. The portfolio is just the vehicle you need to achieve each go…Read More

  4. iInvest® Educational: Investing Then Versus Now

    Investing Then Versus Now In its yearly publication, Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2017, the Swiss-based global financial services group tells the story of ‘The Great Transformation’ – how industries were weighted in the U.S. stock markets at the turn of the 20th century —…Read More

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    iInvest® Educational: Time & Value of Money

    Money Now? Or Money Later? Over time, the worth of specific fiscal amounts can change — even if it is the same exact amount. As someone that is considering investing in their future and planning for their retirement, it is important to consider the time value of money, among other things as you in…Read More