1. iInvest® State of the Market (April Edition)

    State of the Market April Edition In our February iInvest® Alert, and in the March Edition of the iInvest® State of the Market newsletter, we pointed out that the declines and volatility in the stock market that began in February 2018 was simply an overbought correction (short-term decli…Read More

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    iInvest® Educational: Time & Value of Money

    Money Now? Or Money Later? Over time, the worth of specific fiscal amounts can change — even if it is the same exact amount. As someone that is considering investing in their future and planning for their retirement, it is important to consider the time value of money, among other things as you in…Read More

  3. TacticalSHIFT® Update (March Edition)

    March Edition Nothing has occurred thus far in 2018 that would cause our TacticalSHIFT® strategy to trigger a Level 1 (moderate risk) or Level 2 (major risk) downshift to client portfolio allocations. TacticalSHIFT® is not designed to trigger during normal short-term volatility or correcti…Read More

  4. iInvest® State of the Market (March 2)

    Fear grips the market as volatility surges. So what is there to do about it? In our February 6th Stock Market ALERT we pointed out how quickly the market had reached such high comparative levels of down volume selling and “fear” (measured by the VIX) in the stock market the day before (Feb…Read More

  5. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (February 6)

    We would like to send a quick note on the recent declines in the stock market.  In fact, Monday saw a rare 99%+ (100%) down volume day, only seen in a handful of times in the history of the S&P 500. Additionally, the VIX (a measure of fear in the S&P 500) spiked up to comparative rel…Read More