1. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (January 31)

    Based in Kingsport, TN  -  Written by the iInvest® Team Apple, Eastman Chemical and S&P 500 trigger strong long-term buy signal! In the last Stock Market ALERT, the iInvest® Team discussed the quick recovery we were seeing after the holiday season. This was occurring after we had entered…Read More

  2. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (January 19)

    Based in Kingsport, TN  -  Written by the iInvest® Team NYSE and S&P 500 quickly recover from the Holiday Season Blue’s! Throughout the weakness of 2018, the NYSE (a good measure of overall breadth of the US equities market) was leading the overall market down.  It reached critical supp…Read More

  3. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (December 28)

    Based in Kingsport, TN  -  Written by the iInvest® Team NYSE and Small Caps (Russell 2000) reach key Support Zone In the iInvest® December 22, 2018 ALERT, we pointed out how unprecedented it was to see significant market declines following such large Institutional "smart money" program buying…Read More

  4. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (December 22)

    Based in downtown Kingsport, TN Written by the iInvest® Team Massive Institutional Smart Money Program Buying followed by Uncharted Waters! There were a huge number of Institutional “smart money” buy programs Friday 12/7/2018. In fact, Rennie Yang from Market Tells, who is one of the best …Read More

  5. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (October 17)

    iInvest® Stock Market ALERT Advance-Decline Lines giving a buy signal ADX Indicator giving a buy signal University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey giving a buy signal Advance-Decline Lines giving a buy signal As most U.S. stock market indices are making new all-time highs, includin…Read More

  6. iInvest® Stock Market ALERT (October 15)

    iInvest® Stock Market  ALERT Institutional “Smart Money” jumps in! In our October 3rd iInvest® ALERT, we pointed out the positive and bullish implications of some of the indicators the iInvest® Team analyzes on a day-to-day basis.  One thing we monitor closely is the activity of Instit…Read More

  7. iInvest® State of the Market (September 25)

    State of the Market September Edition In our February 6th iInvest™ ALERT, and in the June Edition of the iInvest™ State of the Market newsletter, we pointed out that the declines and volatility in the stock market that began in February 2018 was simply due to an overbought condition, a…Read More

  8. TacticalSHIFT® Update (September Edition)

    September Edition TacticalSHIFT® is designed especially for pre-retirees or retirees who have saved up significant savings, where a significant bear market or downturn could have a negative effect on individual portfolios, including poor investment decisions made due to human emotion.  We at…Read More

  9. iInvest® Educational: Millennials Are Making A Big Mistake

    As registered investment advisors, we have to admit that millennials are making a big mistake. Recent studies reveal that many millennials, although very good savers, are generally investing as conservatively as retirees.  In one study of investment preferences, those age 22 to 32 said that they ch…Read More

  10. iInvest® Educational: Goal-Based Investing

    Goal-Based Investing Before you start investing money into the market, ask yourself one question: What exactly are you saving and investing for? Don't invest in a portfolio, invest in reaching each individual financial goal that you have. The portfolio is just the vehicle you need to achieve each go…Read More